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Induced draft counter flow type with film flow packing as heat exchange fill media. Smaller model from PCF 50 to PCF 150 are factory assembled and larger models are delivered completely knock down and to be assembled at site.


PCF Series towers are used for indirect cooling processes where circulation cooling water is free of any contamination from the process such as oil and grease, foreign materials or debris. Circulation water quality is treated and make up water to the system is of good quality supply. Inlet water temperature into cooling tower is always maintained below the continuous operating temperature of 50 °C or below intermittent temperature of 55 °C.

Operating environment for the cooling tower is preferably free from air pollution where airborne particles such as dust and fibrous materials should not be constantly present in the cooling tower surrounding.

Typical applications are heat exchangers, chillers, water jackets and cooling coil for equipment.


This range of cooling tower has been specifically designed for high cooling efficiency for low power consumption, low outlet water temperature as well as low initial equipment cost and low installed cost.

Tower models ranging from very small to considerably large size are available with each tower expandable into unlimited multiple cells to increase the total installed capacity. Multiple cells installation offers flexibility for partial load operation to conserve energy and provides flexibility to overcome installation constraints.

Due to its compact size, PCF Series cooling towers will fit into most existing cooling tower plot area when used to replace old cooling tower. Moreover, due to its relatively light operating weight, these towers can be installed at elevated level or onto building structures without the need of elaborated supporting foundation.


Tower Frameworks

The frame works of the cooling towers are available in both hot dip galvanized steel and stainless steel construction. Carbon steel structural members are pre-fabricated to exact requirement prior to hot dip galvanizing for best corrosion protection. No further drilling of any galvanized members is needed during assembly thus minimized corrosion of steel materials due to exposed surface during installation and making site assembly works easy.

Hot Water Distribution System

Hot water distribution system is fully concealed within the cooling tower exposing only the inlet connection flange for external piping connection only. A single hot water return piping connection is provided for each cell and further distributes into each spray nozzles by series of internal lateral piping. All internal piping are standard scope of tower supply and constructed from PVC pipe to provide smooth internal lining and prefabricated with nozzles fitting. The piping are externally lined with FRP materials to provide the strength and prevent damages during handling and site assembly.

Panwater's unique spray nozzles design provides flow distribution into large spray area to ensure efficient hot water distribution onto fill packing below. The spray nozzles require very low water pressure for distribution thus reducing the pump operating power consumption. Spray nozzles are made of polypropylene materials to withstand most return water temperatures and threaded for screw connection to the distribution pipes for ease of removal for cleaning if required. Since there is no moving parts in the distribution system, the distribution system require very minimum maintenance.

Fill Packing System

The fill packing system for PCF Series cooling tower consists high efficiency modular PVC film flow packing design to provide a densely expanded surface for hot water to expose into thin film to interact with the moving air.

Fill packing materials are manufactured from high quality prime PVC materials formed to corrugated sheets and factory assembled into rigid modules for stacking into multiple layers in the cooling tower directly below the distribution system. The PVC materials conforms to commercial standards ASTM D1784: 12344B to 12454B or equivalent, which is UV protected and resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria and organic/inorganic acids and alkalis as commonly found in cooling towers. The PVC fill packing materials is capable of withstanding continuous operating temperature of 50 °C and intermittent maximum temperature of 55 °C.

Drift Eliminator System

Panwater place high emphasis and priority to ensure all cooling towers manufactured are provided with efficient and good quality drift eliminator system to eliminate drift loss in the cooling tower. This is mainly due to the fact that drift loss in cooling tower not only consume considerable large amount of water which commonly not noticed, it also spread bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila which can caused Legionnaires' Disease.

Panwater's PD 31 PVC drift eliminator system installed in the PCF Series cooling towers consists of a series extruded PVC profiles assembled in parallel thus creating a screen covering the entire air exit plane which reduces drift loss to 0.007% of the total circulation flow rate. This very minimal drift loss will reduce water consumption due to water loss to the surroundings by the induced air as well as maintaining the surrounding cooling tower area free from contamination by the cooling water which may contain water treatment chemicals.

Due to the robust and rigid construction of Panwater's PD 31 drift eliminator system, high deposition of muck commonly found in cooling tower drift eliminator system can be easily cleaned and removed by most cleaning methods without damaging the eliminator. Thus, regular cleaning of the drift eliminator system not only improves the prevention of water loss, it also reduces friction to airflow through the system and improves the overall efficiency of cooling tower operation.

Mechanical Equipment

Three types of fan drives for the PCF Series cooling tower are available for selection. Direct motor driven option is available for the very small fans for model PCF 100 and below and the pulley and V-belts drives system is used for cooling tower models PCF 150 to PCF 1000. All cooling tower larger than PCF 1200 are using gear speed reducer as fan drive. However, smaller model can also be installed with gear speed reducer as fan drive with added cost.

Electric motors of various voltages, frequencies and operating speeds can be supplied but only reputable motor manufacturer approved by Panwater will be used on the cooling tower in order to enjoy the standard cooling tower warranty provided by Panwater. As standard, electric motors used are conforming to IEC Standards and shall be totally enclosed fan cooled type with IP55 protection and Class 'F' insulation to provide complete protection against contact with dust and the effects of water.

Energy efficient propeller axial flow type fan assembly with adjustable pitch fan blades are used for the PCF Series to deliver the high volume of airflow required by the cooling tower to discharge the hot and saturated exhaust air from the cooling tower. Both FRP hollow bladed and aluminium alloy propeller fan assemblies are used on Panwater's PCF Series cooling towers.

Tower Casing

Tower casing and air inlet louvers for PCF Series cooling towers are made of FRP materials for light weight and durability. Tower casing is essential to provide complete enclosure to the cooling tower to prevent airflow from entering into the cooling tower bypassing the fill packing section so that cooling tower shall perform effectively as designed. This enclosure also ensures the circulating water which may be contaminated or contains water treatment chemicals are concealed from direct contact with operators.

Panwater place high importance on the construction of tower casing to ensure the above objectives are achieved and considerations are also given to ensure the casings are made to endure all other associated problems arising during delivery, handing, installation, and maintenance.

Thus, all casing panels are molded into thick and rigid panels to exact size which can withstand rough handling of the materials during delivery and site erection. This is also particularly important since the cooling tower requires dismantling and reinstallation of the casing repeatedly during periodic inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the internals. To ensure ease of assembling and dismantling for maintenance purpose, the casing panels are designed with external flanged joints so that panels can be removed or assembled without entering the cooling tower. Moreover, each panel can be removed independently from the tower without the need to remove other structures or components above.

Access To Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical equipment on the smaller cooling tower models are accessed by the hot dip galvanized steel ladder provided for each set of mechanical equipment. A common ladder will be provided for the larger models to the fan deck level irrespective of number cells. The fan deck is surrounded by safety handrail in compliance with OSHA requirement to ensure accessing to the various areas on the fan deck is safe..

This safe and easy access allows periodic inspection and maintenance works for the mechanical system such as checking of lubrication system, detection of abnormal vibration caused by the rotating equipment, tightening of loosened fasteners and to carry out preventive maintenance requirement.

Cold Water Basin & Foundation

The cooling tower can be either constructed on a large concrete cold water basin or be supplied together with the cooling tower with a light weight FRP cold water basin.

The most obvious advantage of the concrete basin is due to its long life span and requires minimum maintenance or repair during its entire service life. It also offers the flexibility to construct the cold water basin to any holding volume to meet the requirement of any specific reason.

On the other hand, a standard FRP basin supplied with the cooling tower offers very light operating weight allow the cooling tower to be located onto building roof or elevated structure. The FRP basin for the cooling tower can be supplied with a single common basin or individual basin for multiple cells tower.